Balm, Brush & Comb Beard Kit

Balm, Brush & Comb Beard Kit

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Don't know whether to get a beard comb or a beard brush? Well... why not get both? Best Of Both Beard Kit gives that beard exactly what it needs on any unruly occasion. We even sweetened the deal with a cherry on top and tossed in our Pristine beard balm. We think it's only fair to have your cake and eat it too, now you finally can.


  1. Grooved Boars Hair Brush - Medium Bristle
  2. 1oz Pristine or Valhalla Beard Balm
  3. Ox Horn Beard Comb

Beard Gains Grooved Brush:

Superior beard brush made from pine with notched and smoothed grips for an undeniable comfortable hold. It's like adding laces to a football. High-grade boars hair brush - not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Fits perfect in your pocket, you'll never need another brush again. 

Ox Horn Beard Comb:

More durable than plastic and a unique mixture of colors makes this comb stand out from everyone else's dull wooden comb. Hit the sun just right and you'll get a nice glow that really makes the BG logo pop. Rounded edges and nicely gapped teeth for a stress free comb through that flows on even the toughest of beards. One of our more comfortable combs and the craftsmanship shows as this comb is purely for performance and function.

Beard Kit Benefits

• This kit will help you mold, hold, & tame wild beard hairs
• Immediately will add texture & density
• Enhance beard growth
• Promote thicker, fuller, healthier hair
• Beard Conditioner will soften dry, coarse hair
• Restore & Repair damaged split ends
• Help eliminate beard dandruff & itchy skin

Beard Balm Ingredients

• Cocoa Butter
• Shea Butter
• Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Bees Wax
• Essential Oil Blends
• Fragrance (Naturally Derived)